About Lantz Mattinson

I work for a company that is open to ideas, does brainstorming and turns some of the ideas into reality, a place where you are not measured by the number of hours you worked but rather on your performance. A company that sees the internet as a place full of business opportunity, and some fun, not only for itself but also its clients. A place where you are given the tools to do your job to the best of your ability at no extra cost. I interact with people to see what internet business solutions we can give them. I work with a team of people that makes dreams into reality. I am involved in workshops, seminars, breakfasts and of course I also do lunch. I love all the web2 stuff and am a big user of opensource, like joomla, wordpress to name just a few.

Specialties: Search Engine Optimization, understanding business online, able to translate the customers needs into a workable solution on the internet. I feel I am rather good at joomla and figuring things out.

Phone me, email me, just get hold of me. 083 681 9281 or afromedia@gmail.com


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